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Are you looking for an experienced rental property manager in El Cajon? If you are, Keyrenter Property Management San Diego is here to answer your quest!

Keyrenter Property Management San Diego has been in business for years. We have developed an effective property management strategy to meet the needs of rental property owners. Our company is founded on trust, honesty, integrity, and accountability—these are the values that made us the industry leader in the areas that we serve.

Working with us means you’ll worry less and earn more. We provide innovative and customized solutions that aim to improve your income-earning potential while decreasing the burdens associated with being a landlord. It’s our goal to keep your investment property in its best condition so it can generate maximum profits for you.

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Part of our property management services includes keeping your tenants happy. We know that tenants are the main source of your income, so we strive to take care of their tenancy needs to encourage them to stay for the long term. Keeping tenants satisfied means fewer vacancies and lower turnover rates.

If you own single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, condo units, and even commercial properties in El Cajon, consider Keyrenter Property Management San Diego as your property management partner.

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Our El Cajon Property Management Services

Keyrenter Property Management San Diego is a one-stop property management company that offers all the services that you need to keep your rental home running. We know how difficult it is to own and manage a rental property by yourself, and it’s our goal to ensure that you maximize your income potential while reducing your stress.

Partner with us and you’ll get access to all the property management solutions that you need, including the following:

1. Marketing Your Vacant Rental Properties

Vacancies are something that we want to avoid for our clients. When a property is vacant, it doesn’t generate income but you still have to pay for the cost associated with owning it.

Because we want to attract the right tenants, we market your properties to your target audience. We post carefully curated advertising materials on various platforms to ensure that a wide range of prospective tenants will know about your vacancy.

Moreover, we utilize both traditional and modern methods of advertising, including posting ads in the newspaper, on social media sites, and on other rental listing websites. Our effective marketing strategies ensure that your occupancy rate will significantly improve.

2. Screening All Prospective Tenants

At Keyrenter Property Management San Diego, finding the perfect tenants is one of our top expertise. We understand how challenging it can be to have to deal with problematic tenants. No landlord would want to accept tenants who do not pay their rent on time or cause trouble with their neighbors.

To avoid unqualified tenants, we created the 14-step tenant screening process which every applicant should undergo and pass before being accepted to the rental home. To find the most suitable tenants for your rental home, we perform a variety of background checks, including looking at their past tenancy records, employment history, criminal history, income sources, and credit score.

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With our extensive tenant screening process, it would be difficult for unqualified tenants to pass. We will only accept tenants who have the financial capability to pay their rent on time, maintain the upkeep of the rental home, and follow the terms and conditions stated in the lease.

3. Collecting Monthly Rent

We want to ensure that you receive your rent on time. With this, Keyrenter Property Management San Diego provides tenants with access to an online payment system to make paying rent more convenient for them. This option allows them to pay rent anytime, wherever they are.

Our team of property managers will also handle all procedures related to collecting rent, including sending reminders and notices to tenants before their due dates. What’s more, in rare cases that a tenant misses a payment, we will take swift action to collect what is due and ensure that full payment is received.

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4. Maintaining and Repairing the Rental

We maintain a good relationship with your tenants to ensure that they’re happy. With this, we provide them with easy access to online repairs and maintenance requests. After receiving any maintenance request, we will diagnose the issue and send our trained technician to the rental unit as soon as possible to provide a resolution to the problem.

Thorough inspections are also important to ensure that your property remains in top condition. Before a tenant moves in, we perform a complete inspection and keep a record of the property’s condition. Once the tenant moves out, another inspection is performed to identify the damages caused by tenants which will then guide on what should be deducted from the security deposit.

5. Providing Detailed Financial Reports

If you’re tired of sorting through paperwork, working with a professional rental property management company will ensure that you won’t have to do this manually anymore. At Keyrenter Property Management San Diego, you’ll have access to an online portal where you can find all the financial reports that you need.

About El Cajon, CA

El Cajon is home to more than 106,000 residents. This area is regarded as being very safe and more affordable than other areas in the state. Residents can also enjoy pleasant weather and temperates all year round.

El Cajon is also a great tourist destination. It’s home to a variety of attractions, including:

  • Olaf Wieghorst Museum and Western Heritage Center
  • The Water Conservation Garden
  • Helix Park
  • Mission Trails Regional Park

(Source: Wikipedia)